2017 Cine LatinoCine Latino: In Focus

Hebe Tabachnik – Cine Latino Artistic Director
Hebe Tabachnik, artistic director of the Cine Latino Film Festival, knew from an early age that she was going to be involved in film. Read more.

Cesc Gay – Truman
Starting filming with a Super 8 camera which his father bought for him as a teenager, Cesc Gay has worked his way to becoming an award-winning director who will present the opening film Truman at the 4th annual Cine Latino festival. Read more.

Juan Mejia Botero – Death by a Thousand Cuts
Juan Mejia Botero went into film looking for a tool for his research and activism. It was later that he fell in love with filmmaking as an art form. Read more.

Francisca Manuel – Where I Grow Old
As a multimedia art master student, Francisca Manuel usually spends her time behind the camera, filming and editing video art works. But in 2011 when she was living in Brazil with a Portuguese scholarship, she met Marilia Rocha, an acclaimed documentary filmmaker. Read more.

Marco Castro Bojorquez – The Song of the Hummingbird
Documentarian Marco Castro-Borjoquez grew up in La Reforma, a fishing village where his family still lives. He left home at 13 for California and never went back. Read more.