2018 Cine LatinoCine Latino: In Focus

Andrés Crespo Arosemena
Such is Life in the Tropics

Reading was the trigger that started Andrés Crespo on his film career. Crespo, who is co-writer and also acts in the film Such is Life in the Tropics, said his mother and father were avid readers.

Mitzi Vanessa Arreola
Co-Director: The 4th Company
“This became more constant with time, and I have gained certain skills along the way… It’s known as experience.”

Sofía Carrillo
Cerulia, The Sad House, Black Doll

“I’ve always been in love with fantasy, and stop motion animation was the opportunity to construct my own world.”

Amir Galván Cervera
Director: The 4th Company
“Today you could be shooting in a dangerous neighborhood with a criminal gang, tomorrow you could be eating caviar in a private jet with a sultan.”

Lucía Gajá Ferrer
Director: Intimate Battles
“I wanted to explore [domestic violence] as a terrible problem that happens everywhere, not only in poor countries or the ones that are developing, but in many more places.”

Carla Simón
Director: Summer 1993
“This is the most personal story I have ever told, the one that takes my own memories as a starting point…”