10th Annual Cine LatinoYouth Shorts Program

Behind the Wall
Screening with X500
Director: Kiara Ramirez

2016 | 5 min | Documentary
USA | Spanish, English
A short documentary based on the lives of Mexican Immigrant workers in Northern California Vineyards.
Being Cuban
Screening with Horizons
Director: Quinton Simmonds, Cameron Stine

2015 | 4 min | Documentary
Cuba | English, Spanish
With Spanish, African, Chinese and no surviving indigenous roots, what is it to be Cuban?
Dear America
Screening with Deconstructing Dani García
Director: Sammi Handler, Lauren Kim

2015 | 5 min | Documentary
Cuba | English, Spanish
Two U.S. teens travel to Cuba to ask, what would you like Americans to know?
Screening with Leaf Blower
Director: Michael Escobar

2016 | 4 min | Documentary
USA | English
A boy struggles with depression, and his only way to fight it is to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible.
Golden Bloom – “Searching for Sunlight”
Screening with Alba
Director: Marylys Merida

2016 | 4 min | Music Video
USA | English
LenMN – Edgar Galvan
Screening with Panamerican Machinery
2016 | 5 min | Documentary
LenMN – Henry Jimenez
Screening with The Olive Tree
2016 | 5 min | Documentary
LenMN – Jimmy Longoria
Screening with Neruda
2016 | 5 min | Documentary
LenMN – Luisa Fuentes
Screening with Ceviche’s DNA
2016 | 5 min | Documentary
Screening with Rara
Director: Sara Eustaquio

2016 | 3 min | Narrative
USA, Portugal | No Dialogue
She’s young. She’s in trouble. She’s staring at the mirror looking for answers. But what she’s about to find can change her life.
Missed Call
Screening with Don’t Call Me Son
Director: Isaiah Tarin

2016 | 1 min | Narrative
USA | No Dialogue
Waking up from an accident, a teen discovers and experiences the dangers of texting and driving. Don’t text and drive. It can wait!
Phosphorus Souls
Screening with The Bride
Director: Leonardo Martinelli

2016 | 3 min | Narrative
Brazil | Portuguese, English
A man who carries a white flower and a letter tries to reach his beloved before his time runs out.
Screening with The Song of the Hummingbird
Director: Natalia Ruiz

2016 | 4 min | Narrative
Mexico | Spanish
A young gentleman, frustrated and tormented by the idea of feeling lonely seeks refugee in alcohol and snuff to prevent loneliness reaching him. At the end he forces himself to face his fear and accept it.
Stealing Home
Screening with How Most Things Work
Director: Joe Levin, Justine Ciccone, Michael Stokdyk

2015 | 4 min | Documentary
Cuba, USA | English, Spanish
Three teen sports enthusiasts travel to Cuba to learn more about the legacy of baseball.
Strong Women
Screening with Between Sea and Land
Director: Angela Benavides

2016 | 3 min | Documentary
USA | Spanish
This film focuses on the strengths and sacrifices it takes to be a strong, Latina woman in America.