8th Annual Cine Latino

Announcing: Cine Latino Audience Choice Winners

Audience Choice Award Winner Documentary Feature - Once Upon a Time in Venezuela by Anabel Rodríguez Ríos

Audience Choice Award Winner Fiction Feature - Valentina by Cássio Pereira dos Santos


October 15-22 2020

Staff will be available daily from noon until 8pm to answer your questions. Get in touch at ticketing@mspfilm.org.


In this year when we cannot gather in person, and when you, our valued audience, cannot come to Cine Latino, Cine Latino will come to you - as CINE LATINO AT HOME / EN CASA!

In the midst of a global COVID pandemic, reeling economies, and massive social, political and racial unrest and uprisings, it can be a struggle to hold on to those qualities that ground us, make us human, and connect us to one another across the globe.

But, visionary storytellers are still telling of real-life heroes or bigger than life characters through film, helping us hold a mirror up to ourselves, build bridges of understanding, bring diverse communities together, and give us hope for tomorrow. And so, and per our mission to unite, inform and transform through the art and power of cinema, the theme of this Virtual 8th Edition of Cine Latino is A People United / Un pueblo unido, presenting the best of new cinema by artists from U.S. Latino, Latin American and Iberian communities and regions, with their vast cultural, linguistic, social and historical wealth; retrospectives of work by established artists; virtual Q&As with filmmakers/talent from around the globe; and resonant panel discussions and events.

We are immensely grateful to our individual members and donors for staying with us in extraordinary numbers in this brave new world that we are all still learning to navigate, and to the community leaders and organizations collaborating with us to present Cine Latino each year, including and especially our Cine Global Advisory Group and major Cine Latino sponsors. Your support and inspiring enthusiasm and energy make all the difference.

Thank you all for joining us as we gather, in spirit and in force, to celebrate our diversity, our heritage, our uniqueness and our parallels and, more than ever, our individual and collective resilience, at CINE LATINO EN CASA.


How about making dinner for us this year? For all of us?

Cine Latino wants to celebrate the rich traditions of our audiences’ culinary heritages and invites you to cook a beloved recipe, make a short video and send it to us.

Food is nourishment, comfort, creativity, community, pleasure, and identity-- but most importantly food is love. Food brings us together, fills our homes with the aroma of childhood, old neighborhoods, and our far away hometowns.

While challenging us all, this pandemic may also have provided a rare opportunity to spend more time with our families, with our elders, and the chance to listen to their memories while creating new ones of our own. So, let’s get closer, let’s get inspired, and let’s stay connected by sharing that traditional recipe passed down by our ancestors. Or perhaps a daring new dish invented during quarantine!

Videos should be 3 minutes or less. Tap into your inner top chef: this is not a contest; it is an online block party!

To participate just click the button below, then fill out a form and upload your video. As a thank you for your participation, we will give you a FREE year-long Individual Core MSP Film Society Membership!*

(*A $60 value. Limit one membership per person. Offer only available to first-time Members.)

A selection of shorts will become part of this special 2020 edition of Cine Latino at Home.

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