9th Annual Cine LatinoPrograms

Cine Latino Programs

Each year’s Cine Latino is a gathering place for vital new voices in cinema. Our 9th Cine Latino slate will present the usual array of fascinating, entertaining and probing perspectives through the lens of emerging artists from around the globe.
Cine Latino annually sheds light onto complex political legacies while reflecting the regions’ intoxicating mix of cultures and its pressing realities. This year’s Cine Latino highlights and honors the African impact on and contributions to Latin American and Ibero history, communities, and cultures through a special focus on Afro-Latino films.

Between 1525 and 1866, approximately 12.5 million Africans were brought to the Americas against their will as slaves. Besides providing the labor that built nations, this population and their descendants have contributed to the artistic and social wealth of the continent and have shaped the cultural heritage both past and present. Recent films from all over the region are richly portraying the history, the struggles, and the lives of Black Latino Americans through fresh and powerful cinematic voices. The 9th Cine Latino pays tribute to this cultural legacy by presenting a collection of films that provide fresh perspectives and reclaim lost or forgotten histories as well as present strong counter-narratives that question, and build upon, older forms of representation.
A synthesis of literature, photography, music, athleticism, or performance, cinema has always been a product of, and profoundly connected to, the world of the arts.
Cine Latino continues our commitment to showcase the best in Ibero and Latin-American cinema by some of the world’s most acclaimed and accomplished filmmakers. This year we present new films from Peru, Cuba, Mexico, and Spain, including a 20th anniversary screening of the seminal roadtrip comedy Y tu mamá también.
Women, who continue to grow in prominence in the world of cinema, are at the center of these stories or behind the camera as directors, cinematographers, writers, editors and producers offering personal, challenging, insightful and highly entertaining films and enjoying global acclaim from critics and festival audiences alike.
A selection of animation, documentary and fiction films full of warmth, wit, and the cultural richness of the regions represented in Cine Latino. These films are perfect to watch with the whole family. Recommended for ages 8+.