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Pelle is a shy twelve-year old living an ordinary life in a small Danish town, until the day he is bitten by a genetically modified ant. Inheriting the abilities of this ‘super-ant’, Pelle gains new and incredible powers that he must navigate, along with all the other awkward obstacles a kid must face in middle school. With the help of his friend Wilhelm, a comic book fanatic, Pelle creates a new secret identity as the superhero, ‘Antboy’, and starts climbing walls, flipping cars, and fighting local crime. When a dreaded villain, the Flea, kidnaps a popular girl from his school our superhero, Antboy must step up to the challenge. But being a superhero isn’t as simple as you might imagine. Will Antboy realize his greatest strength in time to save the day and get home in time for dinner?

“An exciting, fun twist on a popular genre with plenty of heart that explores the notion that the power of friends is stronger than any super power.”—London Film Festival.