#Babylon ’13
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Thursday, June 26 at 7:00pm.

Filmmaker Yuriy Gruzinov of the #BABYLON '13 filmmaking collective to attend!

Following an enthusiastic reception in New York, Toronto, Oslo, and Amsterdam, this collection of seven short films documenting the recent uprising in Kiev, the annexation of Crimea and separatism in Eastern Ukraine makes their way to Minnesota.


First Death
This short film documents the first death on Maidan. Sergiy Nigoyan, a Ukrainian of an Armenian descent from the Dnipropetrovska oblast' was killed by "Berkut" special police forces on January 22, 2014, while guarding the barricades on Hrushevskogo street.
Director: Volodimir Tihiy
Runtime: 24 min.

Heavenly Hundred
This made for the television documentary tells about the ones who died for freedom and genuine independence. Dozens of people were killed by the snipers on February 20. Many of them died on Institutskaya Street.
Director: Roman Lubiy, Yuliya Gontaruk
Duration: 44 min.

Shot on November 30, 2013, when the people gathered on Mykhaylivska square right after "Berkut" special police forces beat the students on the Independence Square.
Director: Volodimir Tihiy, Ivan Sautkin
Duration: 2:31 min

A story about a priest, who stood in the neutral zone between the "Berkut" special police forces, which guarded the President's Administration building, and the protesters on Bankova Street.
Duration: 1:58 min

The Firewood Revolution
The story from the life of the First Hundred, which guarded the barricade on the Institutskaya Street.
Director: Yaroslav Pilunskiy
Duration: 1:35 min

Cultural - checkpoint
The "dry law" was one of the most fundamental principles of the society that occurred on Maidan.
Director: Dmitro Sukholitskir - Sobchak
Duration: 3:27 min

A short doc about a fighter, who was throwing Molotov cocktails on Hrushevskogo street.
Director: Ivan Saytkin
Duration: 2:13 min

About the Babylon '13 Collective:

After the bloodshed of the peaceful civil action directed against the anti-national politics of the Yanukovych regime, which occurred on November 30, 2013, Ukrainian cinematographers of different generations organized into the filmmaking collective known as Babylon ’13 to document the evolving events in EuroMaidan. For three months “Babylonians” documented the evolution of the protests in Kiev and beyond — from the first, relatively quiet weeks in early December, to the most intense and, consequently, bloody days in January and February of 2014.

Babylon ’13 documentaries captured the Revolution of Dignity (from November 2013 to late February 2014), where millions of Ukrainians rose up to fight for their freedom and independence. They filmed the events during the annexation of the Crimean peninsula by the Russian Federation, after which Crimean Tatars (natives of Crimea) and Ukrainians living there are discriminated and deprived of their rights of free will and speech. Babylon ’13 continues to film the events in Donetsk (Eastern Ukraine), where terrorists kidnap, torture and murder civilians and Ukrainian soldiers. (official)