Verdun, visions d’histoire
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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Armistice, Léon Poirier recreates the Battle of Verdun with soldiers who took part in it. An epic film, with a true emotional strength with no “real” characters but symbolic figures instead: the French soldier, the German soldier, the mother, the young girl, the intellectual… This pacifist feature was restored by the Toulouse Cinematheque at L’immagine Ritrovata’s lab (Bologna, Italy) with the support of the Groupama Gan Foundation for Cinema. (2K DCP presentation)

Presented with the original score reduced for piano and performed live by Hakim Bentchouala-Golobitch from France.

This event is possible thanks to a grant from the Institut Français and the Mission du Centenaire 14-18 in Paris in partnership with the Cinemathèque de Toulouse and the Cultural Service at the Consulate General of France in Chicago.