Cuban Film Festival: Black and Cuba
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The first film in the line-up for this year is a provocative US-made documentary about disenfranchised African-American students at Yale who decide to take a trip to Cuba to see if a revolution can really make a difference.

Black and Cuba follows street-smart students, who are outcasts at an elite Ivy League university, as they band together and adventure to Cuba to see if revolution is truly possible. While filming their poignant encounters with AfroCuban youth, breathtaking sites and moving hip-hop performances, the Travelers confront realities behind myths of color-blindness and social mobility. This edgy and artful documentary of their journey uncovers renewed hope for equality and human rights. The film is the feature directorial debut of Dr. Robin J. Hayes, international human rights advocate and scholar.

Curated and presented by the Minnesota Cuba Committee.

Films are in Spanish with English subtitles and most are accompanied by a short feature. Discussions will take place following the films.