Eskil & Trinidad
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Eskil, an 11 year-old boy, moves from town to town constantly with his engineer dad in frigid Northern Sweden. He misses his Danish mother and sucks at playing hockey, the main activity among the boys his age and his father’s former passion and profession. Things change when Eskil meets a girl who loves hockey but is excluded from the team. Trading places, Eskil is free of his father’s expectations. He befriends an old woman,Trinidad, an unusual character who lives outside society, spending her time building a wooden ship in a shed to sail south to the Caribbean. Sharing her fascination with boats, Eskil escapes his life to help Trinidad. New and unexpected possibilities begin to open up when Eskil starts to chart his own course and is inspired to pursue his own dreams.

ECFA Award - Best European Film for Children

Screening in BEST of FEST on 4/23.