Gangs of Wasseypur Part 1
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GOW, a film in two parts, tells a story of vengeance between two families that spans more than 60 years. It begins towards the end of colonial rule in India. Shahid Khan loots British trains, impersonating his rival, the legendary Sultana Daku. He becomes an outcast, and starts working at Ramadhir Singh’s colliery, only to set in motion a revenge battle that passes from generation to generation. Shahid’s son, the philandering Sardar Khan, vows to regain father’s honor, becoming the most feared man in Wasseypur. In contemporary times, the weed-addicted grandson, Faizal Khan, wakes up to this vengeance that his family has inherited. Staying true to its real-life roots, the film explores its revenge saga through the socio-political dynamic of erstwhile Bihar, North India, amongst the coal mining and scrap trade mafia of Wasseypur, a place obsessed with mainstream ‘Bollywood’ cinema.