Horizon Beautiful
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Admassu, a plucky 12 year-old boy, lives on his own in the streets of Addis Ababa. A fateful encounter with Franz, a self-serving Swiss soccer mogul, presents a possibility - to live the life of his dreams as a successful international soccer player. Seizing opportunity, the boy hatches a clever ploy to trick Franz that inevitably goes awry. Stuck together on an unpredictable adventure, they leave the city and journey into the wilderness and beautiful villages of Ethiopia. The two must redefine themselves and survive together in spite of their differences in background, experience, and negotiating positions. Entertaining for the whole family, Horizon Beautiful is full of thrills, comedy, and heart - a truly international collaboration of Swiss filmmakers working in Ethiopia with Ethiopian writers, crew from the only Ethiopian film school, the Blue Nile Film and Television Academy, and starring a phenomenal real-life street kid, Henok Tadele.