Hunting Elephants
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Jonathan is a bright 12 year-old - perhaps too bright, since everyone picks on him at school, including his teachers. His closest friend in the world is his father, Daniel. The two of them meet up everyday after school when Jonathan visits Daniel during his work hours at the bank. One day, Daniel is involved in a fatal accident at work and the bank refuses to take responsibility for it. Suddenly, Jonathan is forced to cope with losing his father, while preventing his clueless mother from falling into the arms of the wrong man in order to save them from losing their house.

With the help of his cranky grandfather Eliyahu, Eliyahu's wily friend Nick, and a disgraced, eccentric British Lord, Jonathan comes up with a crazy plan that will help save his family, while getting even with his father’s sleazy former boss: the four of them are going to rob the bank! Both hilarious and heart-warming, Hunting Elephants is a truly special film that will win over audiences worldwide.

Director Biography

Writer/director Reshef Levi is one of the sharpest talents in comedy right now, working in film, television and stage. He is the creator of the television series The Arbitrator, which is being adapted for the US by Peter Chernin, along with concurrent adaptations being created in France and Russia.

His last film as a writer/director, Lost Islands, was nominated for 14 Israeli Academy Awards and--with 340,000 admissions in theatres--is one of the biggest successes in the history of Israeli cinema.

As a playwright, Levi won the Israeli Tony award for his work on The Indian Patient, which has been successfully running for over 7 years. His most recent play, Dancing and Flying won the top prize for writing from the National Theater Association.