Letter to Momo

After her father dies, Momo and her mother move from Tokyo to an old family house on a remote island in the Japanese Inland Sea. As the two adjust to tranquil, traditional island life, Momo struggles with an unfinished letter she found from her father. Exploring the attic, Momo discovers an old book and three mischievous goblins that only she can see. The trio of unusual spirit creatures have been assigned to watch over her, although they mainly wreak havoc and eat everything in sight. Just when life with the hilarious, chaotic goblins gets out of hand, their purpose becomes clear as they reveal a supernatural connection to Momo’s father, and what he was trying to tell her. This gorgeously detailed, hand-drawn, fantastical animation entertains with antics while telling an emotional tale of a young girl’s resilience and love for her parents.

Grand Prize Winner, New York International Children’s Film Festival

Children’s Jury Prize Winner, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival