• The Silent Movie
Director Slawomir J Milewski * Poland/UK * 2 min * USA Premiere Synopsis: 78 seconds of noiseless journey

• Looking Seeing Window
Director: Ryan Betschart * USA * 3 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: Music video for American Studio artist Blood & Thunder. A lo-fi pop song is met with video-graphic images as a glitch world is created through a propelling sense of space-time.

• Screw
Director: Angus Ware * Australia * 8 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: A young man, determined to recreate a catalog of the perfect apartment, turns to prostitution for the cash. But there's more to the photo than he knows. What would you do for the perfect apartment?

• Home Invasion
Director: Trevor Smith * Australia * 12 min * World Premiere Synopsis: "Two hardened criminals from Eastern Europe, execute a terrifying armed robbery on a suburban family home. An intense and claustrophobic drama about aggravated burglary on an occupied residence."

• Heels
Director: Jeremy Jantz * USA * 13 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: Theo, a shoe repairman, has a new customer – stripper Felicia. Obsessed with her cherry red pumps, Theo steals the shoes, and strangles Felicia. In no time, Theo moves on to a new target…

• True Will
Director: Jim Hickcox * USA * 9 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: "Several twenty-somethings head out into the woods to drink, smoke, and make out. What they don't realize is that one of them is ready to push them all as far as it takes to discover their true will."

• The Lost Boy
Director: John McSween * USA * 20 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: A father takes his family on vacation in the woods where they stumble into an ancient ritual for eternal youth.

• Curio Shop: A Post Apocalyptic Acid Western
Director: Eric S. Anderson * DP: David Stump A.S.C * USA * 18 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: What starts as a rather whimsical and Mad Hatter-esque story about a watch maker who has no concept of time, slowly grows darker and more disturbing with each scene, descending through the looking glass to a place where characters transform and harden.