MUFF: MN Connection

A delightful selection of short films made by Minnesota born filmmakers who currently live outside the state.

• No One Told US
Director: Troy Deutsch * USA * 18 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: A delivery boy brings food to a lonely actress' apartment and she pulls him inside. They barricade themselves in, eating cheap Chinese, and falling in love, as the world literally falls down around them.

• Sunfish Lake
Director: Andy Hopper * USA * 20 min * World Premiere Synopsis: A slice of post-apocalyptic life about a man who, after discovering an abandoned house, meets a mysterious stranger who forces him to confront his past and face the unknown territory that is his future

• …And A Bag of Chips
Director: Sabyn Mayfield * USA * 24 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: "...and a bag of chips!" follows Abigail, a recovering addict, who finds herself back in her childhood home after a stint in rehab. With the help of family and friends, Abigail begins her journey to heal from wounds past and present, and learns that healing begins from the inside out, not the outside in.

• Let Be
Director: Matt Boatright-Simon * USA * 16 min * World Premiere Synopsis: Dying is scary. It's lonely. It's terrible. But what if it weren't? What if it were... beautiful

• Money Shot
Director: Jackie! Zhou * USA * 10 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: In 1993, a high school boy pursues his lifelong dream of creating a pornographic film in spite of AV Club opposition.