MUFF: MN Made Shorts 3

• Wart_2010
Director: Benjamin Jarman * MN * 2 min Synopsis: The origin story of a wizard.

• Stashbox
Director: Simon Lansberg-Rodriguez * MN * 13 min Synopsis: Two friends comb the Badlands in search of a mystery cache.

• Fight Me
Director: Sean Skinner * MN * 3 min Synopsis: Office politics aren’t for everyone.

• Kinetic
Director: D.R. Tibbits * MN * 12 min Synopsis: When a man has a recurring dream for over 200 days, he begins to think there's something to it. So he tests it. First, he has to trust his frenetic notes to get him to the buried money, and then he has to trust that they don't.

• Someone, Somewhere
Director: Spencer Knott * MN * 3 min Synopsis: Shot entirely in the Twin Cities, Minnesota native Mario Stokes delivers his powerful poem “Someone, Somewhere.” The poem touches on current issues in society, and acts as a call to action towards those desiring change.

• Overpass Light Bridge
Director: Dusan Harminc & Matt Mullins * MN * 6 min Synopsis: Overpass Light Brigade' is a short film that tells the story behind Wisconsin's Holders of the Lights using innovative time-lapse photography and interviews with founding members and other activists

• Treefort
Director: Dan Dorland * MN * 4 min Synopsis: A boy makes an old tree fort his own by cleaning it out, and denies the use of it to anyone else.

• Former Best Friends Forever
Director: Peter Nelson * MN * 11 min Synopsis: 'Former Best Friends Forever,' features the recorded audio of the artist’s childhood friends. In costume and with various states of facial hair, Nelson lip-syncs the words of each friend, embodying both himself and his 'best friends' simultaneously.

• Stars
Director: Bernadette Pollard * MN * 4 min Synopsis: Artistic, black and white music video, featuring singer/songwriter Sophia Shorai, for the Track 'Stars'.

• One Lungers: The Andy Englund Story
Director: Matthew Adams & Keith Adams * MN * 11 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: Each winter the Long Lake Vintage Snowmobile Racing Association hosts a series of vintage snowmobile races using one-cylinder sleds or “One-Lungers”. Each vintage sled has a story to tell: each racer does too. This is Andy’s

• The Man in the Booth
Director: Justin Christopher Ayd * MN * 9 min Synopsis: A documentary about former Willow Creek Theatre Head Projectionist Dave Hilsgen reflecting on his beginnings in the film industry as movie theatres across the nation convert from 35mm projection to digital cinema.