MUFF: Opening Shorts

Director: Lou Ward * USA * 4 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: A story of a boy who's passionate and strong sense of desire drives him to dedicate his life to his grandfather's legacy.

Director: Andre Silva * USA * 1 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: “A digital brain attempts to understand the two primal opposites from a survey of human opinion.”

Darwin’s Theory
Director: Michelle Kelly * USA * 2 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: Three nugget creatures have to resort to their ability to change colors in order to avoid a large knuckle-dragging predator; the only problem is that one nugget is a little... unique.

Director: Jeannette Louie * USA * 10 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: 'Amygdala', the experimental video, combines the lyrical tradition of the fairy tale with the vernacular nature of presenting scientific fact to illustrate how the perception of fear operates.

Mr. Chavan
Director: Edward Shieh * USA * 6 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: A young dedicated home-care aide to an isolated elder man is burdened with an unexpected and lonely responsibility.

Director: Timo von Gunten * Switzerland * 10 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: 'Doll' is an artistic short film about the life of a doll in the display window in Paris. The doll tries to escape from its life behind the window of fashion into the world where it hopes to find more recognition. But in fact, the doll is just a projection of a person in real life.

Kibuki: Spirits in Zanzibar
Director: Elizabeth Brooks * Tanzania * 24 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: Kibuki: spirits in Zanzibar is a short documentary that explores trance-based spirit possession and medicinal healing practices through a cross-cultural lens.