MUFF: Relationship Exchange

A selection of short films that deal with various degrees of relationships, from bad boyfriends, grief, love, and finding your mate.

• Une Balade à La Mer
Director: Damien Stein * France * 3 min Synopsis: A ride towards the sea is the odyssey of a small animated character who decides to go out to face the city and the nature to free his goldfish. But the cadence of his own will reserve for him numerous surprises: every person, every element of the city that he will cross could be violent to him.

• Pint
Director: Nic Barker * Australia * 10 min * Midwest Premiere Synopsis: Nobody at the wedding likes Jackson. So he probably shouldn't drink too much...

• Sheltered Love
Director: Alex Italics * USA * 10 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: In blissful 1950s suburbia, a love-struck bobbysoxer and her no-good-nik boyfriend seek refuge from her overprotective and hotheaded father.

• The Girlfriend Experience
Director: Mark Kunerth * USA * 7 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: A broken-hearted guy, recently dumped by his girlfriend, resorts to the internet for comfort. But is the real Girlfriend Experience he seeks a bit too real?

• North
Director: Alec Schwandt * USA * 17 min * MN Premiere Synopsis: After a young man's father passes away, he takes a road trip north

• Neighborhoods
Director: Marcus Castillo * MN * 10 min * World Premiere Synopsis: In the Somali neighborhood of Minneapolis, Akbar and Aisha pick up their one time friend Sharif from jail; but he only wants to meet up with the same people that got him arrested.

• Indigo
Director: Paul Jerndal * Sweden * 20 min * MN Premiere
Synopsis: Two young, lost souls in New York City share a common struggle; they are stuck in lives they do not feel they belong. She is an adored actress and he, a bike messenger. On the outside they seem like each other’s opposite, but on the inside they are the same. Dehumanized by an internal loneliness that alienates them from feeling alive.

• Dead Hearts
Director: Stephen W. Martin * Canada * 17 min * MN Premiere
Synopsis: A young mortician learns that not even death can stand in the way of true love. A whimsical, gothic bedtime story filled with love, loss, taxidermy, Kung Fu, and biker werewolves.