Legalese: What the Film Industry can Learn from the Music Industry

The music industry was the canary in the coal mine. Changing technology/audience expectations wrecked the music industry. Yet music independents such as the artists and performers have developed new successful business models. These new business models shift the value proposition from the sale of plastic to the sale of something else - something the artist/producer can control.

Now it’s the film industry’s turn to experience economic decline resulting from changing technology and audience expectations. What lessons can film independents learn from the music industry’s comeback?

This session will explore important lessons filmmakers can learn from music artists, such as: how to thrive while giving away your work; how being a rock star can help build your career; embracing direct distribution; how to finance your work when it doesn’t pay for itself.


  • Dan Satorius, Entertainment Attorney - Satorius Law
  • Ken Abdo, Entertainment Attorney - Lommen Abdo