The Hourglass Sanatorium


Magic, dreams, a manor in decay. The Hourglass Sanatorium is one of the most original and beautiful films in Polish cinema - a visionary, artistic, poetic reflection on the nature of time and the irreversibility of death. The screenplay is an adaptation of the fantasy fiction of Jewish author Bruno Schulz, one of the most renowned Polish prose stylists of the 20th century. Reflections on the Holocaust were added to the movie, reading Schulz's work through the prism of his death during World War II.


1973 Cannes Film Festival – Jury Prize – winner, Palme d’Or – nomination. 1974 Polish Film Festival – Best Production Design – winner.

Cast & Crew

Directed and written by Wojciech J. Has. Based on the novel by Bruno Schulz. Cinematography: Witold Sobociński. Production design by Andrzej Płocki, Jerzy Skarżyński. Music by Jerzy Maksym- iuk. Film editing by Janina Niedźwiecka. Production management: Urszula Orczykowska. Produced by Zespół Filmowy SILESIA. © Cyfrowe Repozytorium Filmowe. Cast: Jan Nowicki (Józef), Tadeusz Kondrat (Jakub), Irena Orska (Józef’s mother), Halina Kowalska (Adela), Gustaw Holoubek (Dr. Gotard), Mieczysław Voit (Blind Conductor), Bożena Adamek (Bianka).