The King and the Mockingbird
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English language version:
December 25 at 1:00pm
December 30 at 3:00pm

Children 13 and under: $3 Admission.

King of Tachycardia reigns tyrannically over the kingdom, and only the brightly feathered Mockingbird, a talkative creature who has built his nest high up in the vast palace near His Majesty’s secret apartment, dares to make fun of him.

The King is in love with a beautiful and demure shepherdess in a painting that hangs on his wall, but she is in love with the brave little chimney sweep in the painting next to hers. When the King’s painted doppelganger climbs out of his painting, gets rid of the real King, and declares his intention to marry the shepherdess, the shepherdess and the chimney sweep run away to escape him.

While hiding at the top of the highest tower in the palace, they save a little bird that has carelessly become caught in one of the King’s traps. The Mockingbird is grateful and promises to help them in return for their kindness.

The police pick up the fugitives’ trail and are led on a wild chase. Pursued by mustachioed policemen on flying machines, mysterious stone-grey creatures that spy on the city, motorized tritons, and the King on his electric floating throne or his giant Robot, they are finally captured.

The Mockingbird and the chimney sweep, who has been separated from his shepherdess, are forced to work in the Great Royal Factory and then thrown into the lions’ den for insubordination. In the meantime, the King is getting ready to marry the shepherdess with great pomp and ceremony.

But the Mockingbird, again using his wit and cleverness, with the help of a blind musician succeeds in inciting the lions to rebel against the King. The lions escape, free the people of the lower city and break up the marriage ceremony, while the Mockingbird takes over the controls of the giant Robot with dire consequences.