The Promised Land


Director Andrzej Wajda'’s powerful drama is a tale about the strength of male friendship. "“I have nothing, you have nothing, he has nothing. Taken together we have just enough to build a major factory.”" Three friends - a Polish nobleman, Karol Borowiecki; a German, Max Baum; and a Jew, Moritz Welt - —shrink from nothing, including treachery and fraud to build their empire. But ruthless business tactics and an ill-fated affair leave Borowiecki with a choice: either change his ways or sacrifice all compassion in order to protect his financial capital. In the footsteps of Dickens, Mr. Wajda paints a bleak picture of 19th-century Łódź, a chaotic city littered with dangerous factories and devoid of true culture.

One of the most outstanding Polish films, The Promised Land, was the winner of numerous prizes, including the Golden Lion and an Academy Award® nomination.


1975 Moscow International Film Festival – Golden Prize – winner. 1975 Polish Film Festival – Best Ac- tor (Wojciech Pszoniak) – winner, Best Production Design (Tadeusz Kosarewicz) – winner, Best Music Score (Wojciech Kilar) – winner, Grand Prix Golden Lions Award – winner. 1975 Chicago International Film Festival – Grand Prix: “Golden Hugo“ Award – winner. 1976 Valladolid International Film Festival – Golden Spike – winner.

Cast & Crew

Directed and written by Andrzej Wajda. Based on a novel by Władysław Reymont. Cinematography by Witold Sobociński, Wacław Dybowski, Edward Kłosiński. Production design by Tadeusz Kosarewicz. Music by Wojciech Kilar. Film editing by Halina Prugar and Zofia Dwornik. Production management: Barbara Pec-Ślesicka and Janina Kras- sowska. Produced by Zespół Filmowy X. © Studio Filmowe ZEBRA. Cast: Daniel Olbrychski (Karol Borowiecki), Wojciech Pszoniak (Moryc Welt), Andrzej Seweryn (Maks Baum), Anna Nehrebecka (Anka), Kalina Jędrusik (Lucy Zucker), Bożena Dykiel (Mada Muller). 1976 Academy Awards®, USA – Oscar® – nomination.