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Bose is straightforward man, a Commissioner of Police. It’s only in his private life that things get complicated, especially his relationship with his clinically depressed, alcoholic wife Shalini. Bose is her second husband: the first was Rahul, a struggling actor still pursuing his first break, with whom she had a daughter, Kali.

Rahul sees his daughter on Saturdays, as per custody arrangements. When he picks her up and takes her with him to collect a script from a friend’s house, very upset with him for sidelining her yet again, Kali refuses to get out of the car. Rahul leaves her. And when he gets back, she has vanished. What follows is a remorseless succession of blame and one-upmanship, a journey on which it is impossible to judge who is real and who is fake.

Both a high tension, edge-of-the-seat psychological thriller, and a powerfully emotional drama, Ugly explores that point in a man’s life when he looks back and realizes that none of his dreams have been fulfilled. Then something happens which makes him realize just how fragile both he and his morality really are.