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Mika, a rebellious teen with fed-up busy parents, is sent away to the countryside to her grandmother’s for the summer. Mika’s estranged grandmother owns a successful horse stable and riding school. Mika, who doesn’t know anything about her grandmother or about horses, discovers a horse in the back of the stables that everyone is afraid of. Mika connects with the fierce stallion, Windstorm, and starts to ride. Mika’s grandmother notices her innate talent, and connects her with an old friend who trains with a more intuitive style. Learning discipline, strength, and to trust her instincts, Mika develops a masterful bond with the spirited Windstorm and finds her true passion and calling. When asked to perform, as all talented riders at her grandmother’s school do, Mika is forced to reckon with the big question: Will she manage, against all odds, to tame Windstorm? And, more importantly, does she want to? A gorgeously shot film with a stunning performance, Windstorm is a courageous coming of age story about a young woman seeking freedom and success on her own terms.

Jury Prize Winner, 2013 Youth 4 German Cinema at Berlin and Beyond Festival

The 2013 Youth 4 German Cinema jury chose Katja von Garnier’s equestrian adventure Windstorm as this year’s winning film.

Windstorm is a beautifully composed story of forgiveness, compassion and the bond between humans and animals,” the group wrote in their jurors’ statement. “This moving, courageous film has great performances, excellent cinematography and a wonderfully emotional soundtrack. It’s the kind of film you could watch again and again.”