WonderWomen: The Works of Suzan Pitt

For three decades, Suzan Pitt has been an internationally renowned creator of beautiful, strange and fiercely original animation. Collected here in this program are four of Pitt's pioneering and unforgettable masterworks.

1979 | Runtime: 20 min
This candy colored, sexually charged nightmare rocked audiences upon its release and catapulted Pitt to the front ranks of indie animation.

"One of the most lavish and wondrous animated shorts ever made... an overwhelming visual experience." - Oscar-winning Animator John Canemaker

1995 | Runtime: 24 min
A "vivid, intriguing, and bizarre" (The New York Times) masterpiece, Joy Street captures a woman's journey from suicidal despair to personal renewal, with the help of an unlikely spirit guide.

2006 | Runtime: 23 min
Inspired by the art of Mexico, El Doctor follows a melancholic physician in a Mexican hospital who prefers drinking to doctoring. Transformed by the visit of a psychedelic saint, he begins to perform miracles on an odd assortment of hospital patients. " Delightful, visual ecstasy!"- LA Weekly

2011 | Runtime: 9 min
Surrealistic and strange, cast in grainy 16mm images, Visitation allows an imaginary glimpse into the aura of “an outer-world night”. . .the visions in the film are summoned from the film maker's imagining of a mythical eternity which is beautiful but fraught with pain, exposed by the ether voices and figures which inhabit the eternal ballet beneath our consciousness.

Director's Biography

Suzan Pitt’s prize-winning animated films have been featured at many prestigious venues around the world, including The Museum of Modern Art, Sundance Film Festival, New York Film Festival, London Film Festival, the Ottawa International Animated Film Festival, Morelia International Film Festival, and the Image Forum Festival in Tokyo. Her film Asparagus was recently honored by The International Association of Film Animation (ASIFA) as one of the 50 best animated films of the past half century. She was honored in March 2013 with a two program retrospective of her animation films 1970-2013 at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Her new film Pinball (2013) is currently being shown in many international film festivals.

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