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The World of Nelsito (El Mundo de Nelsito)

The World of Nelsito (El Mundo de Nelsito)

The World of Nelsito (El Mundo de Nelsito)

Dir. Fernando Perez Asistents: Melba Nuñez, Mario Orlando Muñiz
100 min

About the film

This film revolves around a young man of humble origins who has an unnamed disability. He lives with his mother, a divorced artist whose paintings aren’t selling. The youth's strange affliction is never spoken of, but he always appears lying down and never speaks. At one moment, he sees that the door has been left open, and takes advantage of it to go out on the street, where he suffers an accident. That trip outside is a kind of liberation for him, since it opens a secret door which he alone has access to. He begins to spin tales in which his neighbors participate, but with other lives.

About Minnesota Cuban Film Festival

The Minnesota Cuban Film Festival is organized by the Minnesota Cuba Committee, in collaboration with MSP Film Society and ICAIC (Cuban Film Institute). The Minnesota Cuba Committee is responsible for the film selection and program information. The 15th Minnesota Cuban Film Festival features films that address the achievements and challenges of the Cuban people through the eyes of its filmmakers. The festival highlights diverse and challenging films of social change, human struggle and the boldness of the human spirit. The festival starts Wednesday, February 28 and runs for five consecutive Thursdays through April 4, 2024.


Film Details

Program: Cuban Film Festival
Release Year: 2022
Runtime: 100 min
Country/Region: Cuba, Spain
Language: Spanish
Print Source: ICAIC (Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industrias Cinematográficas) WANDA VISION
Tags: Family


Director: Fernando Perez Asistents: Melba Nuñez, Mario Orlando Muñiz
Producer: Danilo León, Jose María Morales, Ramón Samada, Gustavo Fernández
Cinematographer: Raúl Prado
Screenwriter: Abel Rodríguez, Fernando Perez
Editor: Rodolfo Barros
Composer: Sheyla Pool Pastor, Jorge Amado
Principal Cast: José Raúl Castro