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A Real Job (Un métier sérieux)

A Real Job (Un métier sérieux)

A Real Job (Un métier sérieux)

Dir. Thomas Lilti
101 min

Lumières Françaises


In A Real Job, Thomas Lilti brings his humanistic lens to the lives of school teachers, offering a glimpse into both their professional and personal worlds. Following his successful portrayal of the medical field in films like Hippocrates, Irreplaceable, and The Freshmen, Lilti employs his signature cinematic style blending realism with emotionally charged storytelling, including humor. Straddling the line between arthouse and mainstream cinema, he navigates social issues surrounding an often overlooked profession with nuance, avoiding caricature and offering hopeful perspectives to those willing to see them.

Film Details

Program: Lumières Françaises
Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 101 min
Country/Region: France
Language: French
Print Source: Distib Films
Tags: Coming-of-Age, Culture & Society, Drama, Education, Francophone


Director: Thomas Lilti
Producer: Agnès Vallée, Emmanuel Barraux
Cinematographer: Antoine Heberle
Screenwriter: Thomas Lilti
Editor: Gwen Mallauran, Matthieu Ruyssen
Composer: Jonathan Morali
Principal Cast: Vincent Lacoste, François Cluzet, Louise Bourgoin, Adèle Exarchopoulos, William Lebghil, Lucie Zhang, Bouli Lanners


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