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A Revolution on Canvas

A Revolution on Canvas

A Revolution on Canvas

Dir. Sara Nodjoumi, Till Schauder
95 min

Screening Saturday, January 13 at 1:00pm

About the Film

A hybrid political thriller and verité portrait documentary, A Revolution on Canvas is part art-heist, part political thriller, part family drama. In this new documentary, Sara Nodjoumi, working with co-director and husband, Till Schauder, makes her directorial debut with this personal film, diving into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of more than 100 "treasonous" paintings by her father, seminal Iranian modern artist Nickzad "Nicky" Nodjoumi.

Presented in partnership with the Twin Cities Iranian Culture Collective.

Film Details

Program: Iranian Film Showcase
Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 95 min
Country/Region: USA
Language: English, Farsi
Print Source: Venera Films
Tags: Arts, Documentary, Politics


Director: Sara Nodjoumi, Till Schauder
Executive Producer: Sara Rodriguez, Lisa Heller, Nancy Abraham
Producer: Sara Nodjoumi, Till Schauder
Cinematographer: Till Schauder
Editor: Simeon Hutner, Gretchen Hildebran
Composer: Sussan Deyhim