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In Our Day

In Our Day

In Our Day

Dir. Hong Sangsoo
84 min

Festival favorite Hong Sang-soo’s latest feature, his 30th, weaves together the seemingly unrelated stories of a former actress who is in retreat, and a middle-aged poet whose work is galvanizing to the younger generation.

Sangwon is an actress who has grown utterly fatigued by her craft, and so retreats to her friend’s apartment to try and find her lost spark. Hong Uiji is a poet who, to his surprise, has become something of a cult hero to South Korea’s youth, and is being visited by documentary filmmakers. Sangwon relishes spending time with her friend’s cat; Hong Uiji laments his doctor’s orders to live a healthier life. Director Hong Sang-soo’s eye for detail and his patient accumulation of humanity captures the beauty and mystery of everyday life.

“For Hong Sang-oo, In Our Day is a gesture toward recognizing the beautiful, awful, and uncanny.” –Chuck Bowen, Slant Magazine

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 84 min
Country/Region: South Korea
Language: Korean, English
Print Source: Cinema Guild
Tags: Asian Frontiers, Drama


Director: Hong Sangsoo
Producer: Hong Sangsoo
Cinematographer: Hong Sangsoo
Screenwriter: Hong Sangsoo
Editor: Hong Sangsoo
Composer: Hong Sangsoo
Principal Cast: Kim Minhee, Song Sunmi, Ki Joobong, Park Miso, Ha Seongguk