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Dir. Ivano De Matteo
108 min

Q&A with Director Ivano De Matteo, connecting live from Italy


The film won the Ciak D’Oro for best picture (drama) of 2023

About the film

Mia, a vibrant teenager, enjoys a joyful life surrounded by loving parents and friends. The name Mia, translating to "mine" in Italian, takes on a poignant twist when her world shatters upon encountering a manipulative young man. In an attempt to break free from the toxic relationship, Mia embarks on a challenging journey, with the unwavering support of her parents. Little does she know, the path to liberation is a lot harder than anticipated. Actor Edoardo Leo, playing the father, delivers one of his best performances that earned him a nomination for Best Actor at the prestigious Nastri d’Argento award in 2023.


Ivano De Matteo is an Italian director, screenwriter, and actor. His journey as an actor took shape within the dynamic confines of the drama laboratory "Il Mulino di Fiora". De Matteo later formed a stage company together with his partner and longtime collaborator Valentina Ferlan. He made his film debut in Pasquale Pozzessere's Verso Sud. As an actor, he had his breakout in 2008, with the role of Er Puma in the TV-series Romanzo Criminale – La serie. The same year, he won the Nastro d'Argento for best actor in a short film for his performance in Giorgio Caputo's Action. After directing a documentary film, Prigioniero di una fede, which received a special mention at the Turin Film Festival, De Matteo made his feature film directorial debut in 2002 with the comedy-drama Final Stage.


Film Details

Program: Italian Film Festival
Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 108 min
Country/Region: Italy
Language: Italian
Print Source: Lotus Production, 01 Distribution - Rai Cinema
Tags: Drama


Director: Ivano De Matteo
Producer: Lotus Production, Rai Cinema
Cinematographer: Giuseppe Maio
Screenwriter: Ivano De Matteo, Valentina Ferlan
Editor: Giuliana Sarli, Ivano De Matteo
Composer: Francesco Cerasi
Principal Cast: Edoardo Leo, Greta Gasbarri, Milena Mancini, Riccardo Mandolini