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No One Asked You

No One Asked You

No One Asked You

Dir. Ruth Leitman
100 min

June 24 at 7pm

MSPIFF43 Official Selection

This festival favorite returns for a special screening marking the 2nd year Roe Overturn-iversary. Celebrate the work of hometown hero Lizz Winstead and Abortion Access Front as they continue to take action to protect abortion access for all.

About The Film

Comedian and disruptor-extraordinaire Lizz Winstead is angry–and she’s got good reason to be, since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, eliminating body autonomy and restricting abortion access in several states across the nation. With her group Abortion Access Front, she’s rolling up her sleeves and taking the fight to the streets to secure abortion freedoms across the US.

As co-creator of both The Daily Show and Air America Radio, Lizz Winstead has been an inspired comedian whose work has brought her face-to-face with the ugliest parts of American politics. In this six-year cinematic journey with Winstead and her Abortion Access Front, a collective of activists, writers, producers, and comedians who use humor to destigmatize abortion and fight anti-abortion forces nationwide, director Ruth Leitman follows the group in their work to secure reproductive rights for everyone–an endeavor with growing significance in the wake of the repeal of Roe v. Wade in 2023 and the impending 2024 election.

 “No One Asked You inspires, even as it terrifies…” –-Christopher Reed, Hammer To Nail

Abortion Access Front is a team of comedians, activists, writers, and producers that uses humor to destigmatize abortion and expose the extremist anti-choice forces working to destroy access to reproductive rights in all 50 states.

Film Details

Program: Special Screenings
Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 100 min
Country/Region: USA
Language: English
Tags: Arts, Comedy, Documentary, Health, Human Rights, Politics, Social Justice, Women, Women Directors


Director: Ruth Leitman
Executive Producer: Caryn Capotosto, Hallee Adelman
Producer: Rachel Rozycki, Andrea Raby, Ruth Leitman
Cinematographer: Erin Turney, Hanna Miller, Madelyn Momano, Ellie Walton, Mia Barker, Candice Majors, Elana Meyers
Screenwriter: Ruth Leitman
Editor: Giorgia Harvey, Elana Meyers, Shelly Westerman
Principal Cast: Lizz Winstead, with appearances by Sarah Silverman, Margaret Cho, and Mark Hamill