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Dir. Fadua El Akchaoui
73 min

When Romaissa learns that her beloved Rotterdam apartment building is threatened by a greedy developer’s plans to tear it down, she enlists her best friend Lionel to join her in organizing their eccentric community of tenants to save their homes. Fueled by righteous fury, Romaissa discovers that she has secret supernatural powers, but will they be enough to stop the gentrifier’s demolition? Meanwhile, Romaissa also faces the additional challenges of mean girls at school, social media humiliation, and a mother struggling with depression. This heartfelt urban tale about an extraordinary girl celebrates the idealism of children and the importance of listening to them when things aren’t right. Age 11+ –Deb Girdwood

Film Details

Release Year: 2022
Runtime: 73 min
Country/Region: Netherlands
Language: Dutch, Tamazight
Print Source: Juliet / SKOOP Media
Tags: Coming-of-Age, Drama, Family, Fantasy, SWANA Stories, Women Directors


Director: Fadua El Akchaoui
Producer: Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs, Marina Blok
Cinematographer: Ezra Reverda
Screenwriter: Yücel Kopal, Fadua El Akchaoui
Editor: Joshua Menco
Composer: Memru Renjaan
Principal Cast: Malak Fatih, Jahlay van Bosse, Zineb Fallouk, Jaike Belfor, Stefan Rokebrand, Mamoun EL Younoussi


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