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Shorts Program 10: Mortality

Shorts Program 10: Mortality

Shorts Program 10: Mortality

89 min

Shorts Program 10: Mortality

Films are listed here in screening order.


Directed by Tristan R Allen. United States. 2023. 13 min. Fiction Short. MN Made.
Two brothers and their ailing father take on Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas prep duties, while dealing with the recent loss of their matriarch and what to do with her ashes.

Directed by Markus Hoeckner. United States. 2023. 15 min. Fiction Short. MN Made.
Amidst a global exodus from earth, two brothers must confront their differences about leaving their home forever.

A Man for the Job
Directed by Lyn Elliot. United States. 2023. 16 min. Fiction Short.
When a young hospital parking valet befriends a middle-aged patient, he discovers she wants something he may not be able to give.

Directed by Warda Mohamed. United Kingdom. 19. Fiction Short.
British-Somali teen Muna (Kosar Ali) is desperate to go on the school trip - to have fun with her mates, escape the monotony of her household and, of course, provide the greatest playlist of all time (!!). But her parents aren't so sure.

The Buoyancy of Apples
Directed by Tori Mills. United States. 2023. 11 min. Fiction Short.
An adult and a child form a game to make light of a difficult task.

Directed by Arom Choi. United States. 2023. 15 min. Fiction Short.
One day, Sol, a woman working as a biohazard cleaner, is asked to clean a small apartment of a young woman who committed suicide. When she arrives at the house, she gets a bizarre sensation that the dead woman's house resembles her own

Film Details

Runtime: 89 min
Country/Region: USA
Language: English, Somali
Tags: Drama, Family, Guest Attending, MN Made, Sci-fi, Women Directors


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Monday, April 22nd