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The Outsiders (Ceddo)

The Outsiders (Ceddo)

The Outsiders (Ceddo)

Dir. Ousmane Sembène
120 min

The Outsiders (Ceddo)

Saturday, February 17 at 9:00pm

Highlighting restored, archival, and silent cinema from Il Cinema Ritrovato's annual festival in Bologna, Italy.

About The Outsiders (Ceddo)

Long before many, the great Ousmane Sembène (1923-2007), a founding, and, in many ways, spiritual father of African cinema, who posited History as central to all creative work, sought to engage with one of the greatest tragedies in human history, the enslavement of Africans and their loss of sovereignty in the twin hands of Islam and Euro-Christian colonialism. It is thus befitting, in this centennial celebration of the birth of this cinematic giant, to revisit the newly restored Ceddo, one of his most accomplished films.

Set in an unspecified time between the 17th and the 19th century, the film centers “the Ceddo,” or “the people of refusal,” who reject the rise of Islam in the region and the encroachment of Euro-American enslavement and colonialism. Symbolizing the critical conscience of their people, the Ceddo express their discontent by kidnapping Princess Dior of the royal family and demanding an instant change in the management of the polity. This will lead to their expulsion, exile and forced religious conversion. But their indomitable spirit of resistance will help make history and offer hope for the future of Africa and the world.

Without and in lieu of special effects and massive epic scenes, Sembène chooses cinematic minimalism and demonstrates his absolute mastery in the mise-en-scène of open and outdoor spaces. There he imprints his agoraphilic signature––the staging of conflictual narrative in open spaces––which double as an agora, and in which the contradictory tendencies of a given polity get to be worked out, partly through a staging of the legendary African deliberative and declamatory tradition via multiple modalities of the face off.

This film is at once a masterclass in political philosophy and African constitutionalism. It anticipates by two decades themes and styles he would explore in films such as Guelwaar (1992) and Moolaadé (2003) and underscores Sembène’s faith in African humanism as a way out of the continent’s past, contemporary and potential future impasses. —Aboubakar Sanogo

This film is courtesy of Janus Films

Returning to the Twin Cities for a second year, Il Cinema Ritrovato on Tour presents rare, restored, and recovered archival cinema. Il Cinema Ritrovato On Tour–Minneapolis will screen films at The Main Cinema from February 15–17, 2024. Closing night (February 18) will take place at the Heights Theater and will feature a new restoration of Ernst Lubitsch’s take on an Oscar Wilde classic, Lady Windermere’s Fan.

Presented in partnership by Archives on Screen, Twin Cities, MSP Film Society, and Cineteca di Bologna, the festival will screen highlights from Il Cinema Ritrovato’s 2023 lineup. Il Cinema Ritrovato is an annual international film festival that exhibits new restorations and archival films in Bologna, Italy.

Archives on Screen is proud to partner with Il Cinema Ritrovato and Cineteca di Bologna to curate selections from their festival for Twin Cities audiences.


Film Details

Program: Il Cinema Ritrovato On Tour
Release Year: 1977
Runtime: 120 min
Country/Region: Senegal
Language: Wolof, Arabic, Dyula


Director: Ousmane Sembène
Cinematographer: Georges Caristan, Orlando Lopez, Bara Diokhane, Seydina O. Gay
Screenwriter: Ousmane Sembène
Editor: Florence Eymon, Dominique Blain
Composer: Manu Dibango
Principal Cast: Tabara Ndiaye (princess Dior Yacine), Alioune Fall (imam), Moustapha Yade (Madir Fatim Fall), Matura Dia (the king), Mamadou Ndiaye Diagne (the kidnapper), Ousmane Camara (Farba Diogomay), Nar Modou (Saxewar), Mamadou Dioum (prince Biram), Oumar Gueye (Jaraaf), Ousmane Sembène (Ibrahima)