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A Ravaging Wind

A Ravaging Wind

A Ravaging Wind

Dir. Paula Hernández
94 min

Trapped in a destiny she did not choose, Leni joins her father, Reverend Pearson, in his Evangelical mission. When their car–also their home–breaks down in rural Argentina, Leni begins to see her father for who he really is.

One evening, driving to the next desolate town, their car breaks down at night, and only the mechanic around is Gringo, a man dramatically opposed to faith, who lives with Tapioca, a teenager under his guard. Their encounter opens Leni’s eyes leading to a whirlwind of emotion that will captivate audiences. Adapted from the novel “El viento que arrasa” by Selva Almada, published by Minneapolis’ Graywolf Press.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 94 min
Country/Region: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Print Source: Film Factory Entertainment
Tags: Adaptation, Coming-of-Age, Latino / Latin American Cultures, Religion, Road Movie, Women Directors


Director: Paula Hernández
Executive Producer: Hernán Musaluppi, Santiago López Rodríguez
Producer: Hernán Musaluppi, Santiago López Rodríguez, Diego Robino
Cinematographer: Iván Gierasinchuk
Screenwriter: Paula Hernández, Leonel D’Agostino
Editor: Rosario Suárez
Composer: Luciano Supervielle
Principal Cast: Alfredo Castro, Sergi López, Almudena González, Joaquín Acebo


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