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Dir. Nicole Brending
72 min

World Premiere
Director Nicole Brending Attending

In this provocative and kaleidoscopic personal documentary, Nicole Brending turns the traditional joyful narratives about parenting upside down as she fearlessly contrasts the social norms with the darker complexities of contemporary motherhood, postpartum depression, and even infanticide. Blending performance with reality, she reflects the conflicted consciousness and the porous experience of time in the early months with a newborn child.

Content advisory: mature themes

Film Details

Program: MN Made
Release Year: 2024
Runtime: 72 min
Country/Region: USA, Canada
Language: English
Tags: Documentary, Experimental, Guest Attending, Women Directors


Director: Nicole Brending
Producer: Nicole Brending
Cinematographer: Nicole Brending
Editor: Nicole Brending
Composer: Jean-Olivier Beginand, Francis Renaud-Legault