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All About the Levkoviches

All About the Levkoviches

All About the Levkoviches

Dir. Ádám Breier
85 min

A bittersweet dramedy set in contemporary Budapest about grief, family and the fact that everyone needs to be right, Ádám Breier’s first feature tells the story of a generous but stubborn boxing coach, Tamás (Tamás Szabó Kimmel), who gets along well with everyone except for his own son Iván. They have not spoken since Iván moved to Israel, became religious, and joined an orthodox Jewish community. When Tamás’s beloved wife dies unexpectedly, his son comes home with his never-seen grandson, Ariel, to sit shiva at their home, despite resistance from Tamás. As father and son grit their teeth and try to make nice during the one-week mourning process, it’s clear that they must confront and come to terms with old grievances. Meanwhile, to Iván’s consternation, young Ariel starts to fall in love with his grandfather and the noble art of boxing. Supported by the Hungarian National Film Institute’s Incubator Program. –Alissa Simon

Film Details

Release Year: 2024
Runtime: 85 min
Country/Region: Hungary
Language: Hungarian, Hebrew
Print Source: Menemsha Films
Tags: Drama, Dramedy, Jewish Interest


Director: Ádám Breier
Producer: Ádám Felszeghy, Andrea Ausztrics, Miklós Kázmér
Cinematographer: Zoltán Dévényi
Screenwriter: Ádám Breier, Bálint Csaba
Editor: Balázs Gotthárdi
Composer: Albert Márkos
Principal Cast: Zoltán Bezerédi, Tamás Szabó Kimmel, Leo Gagel, Roland Váradi, Tamar Amit Joseph