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Art For Everybody

Art For Everybody

Art For Everybody

Dir. Miranda Yousef
99 min

Producer Tim Rummel Attending

Everyone knows Thomas Kinkade, the “Painter of Light”, who rocketed to success in the ‘90s and whose paintings were sold in malls everywhere. But when he died in 2012, his daughters uncovered a trove of darker works, which revealed a man they never really knew.

Marketing himself to the Christian community, Kinkade’s work was always cozy and safe. He created a mass market home decor empire and a larger than life persona. But behind this facade, he dealt with alcoholism and eventually succumbed to his demons. His more private pieces, numbering in the hundreds, show him in a more complex and realistic light.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 99 min
Country/Region: USA
Language: English
Print Source: Tremolo Productions
Tags: Arts, Biography, Documentary, Guest Attending, Women Directors


Director: Miranda Yousef
Producer: Morgan Neville, Tim Rummel
Cinematographer: Tasha Van Zandt
Editor: Miranda Yousef, Veronica Pinkham
Composer: William Ryan Fritch