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Behind the Mist

Behind the Mist

Behind the Mist

Dir. Sebastián Cordero
90 min

North American Premiere

Iván Vallejo and Sebastián Cordero are Ecuadorian climbers and filmmakers, respectively. Together they begin a documentary of Vallejo’s ascent to the top of Mt. Everest, but as they climb higher, their vision of the film differs radically, and dangerously.

In 1999, Iván Vallejo became the first Ecuadorian mountain climber to summit Mount Everest twice without supplemental oxygen. That same year filmmaker Sebastián Cordero premiered his first film at Venice Film Festival. Two decades later they begin a collaboration to document the ascent of a career along a perilous and at times transcendental journey of self-discovery.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 90 min
Country/Region: Ecuador
Language: Spanish, English, Nepali
Print Source: Jiráfica Fábrica de Cuentos
Tags: Adventure, Documentary, Latino / Latin American Cultures


Director: Sebastián Cordero
Executive Producer: Antena Uno, Jiráfica
Cinematographer: Sebastián Cordero
Editor: José Cardoso
Principal Cast: Iván Vallejo