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Big Dreams

Big Dreams

Big Dreams

Dir. Daniel Pánek
101 min

US Premiere

Inspired by the Czechs winning the gold at the 1998 Olympics, 11-year-old Dom suddenly pictures himself becoming a star goalie like his idol Dominik Hašek. The only problem is his parents doubt his abilities and are unwilling to support what they perceive as yet another one of his short-lived interests. Plus he doesn’t know how to skate. In this Bad News Bears style dramedy, a plucky middle schooler recruits a handful of other underestimated small town kids and builds a team on the sly. With a little help, the kids ingeniously figure out how to play hockey, and soon face off a tougher, more experienced team from the next village. After taking a few hits, Dom and friends show themselves and their community what’s possible, learning that nobody is more than a team, and no dream is too big. Age 10+ –Deb Girdwood

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 101 min
Country/Region: Czechia
Language: Czech
Print Source: Renate Zylla
Tags: Comedy, Coming-of-Age, Dramedy, Family Friendly, Sports


Director: Daniel Pánek
Producer: Dan Pánek, Jan Lengyel, Martin Beinhauer, Michal Viktorin, Petr Sekanina, Jan Lacina
Cinematographer: David Ployhar
Screenwriter: Dan Pánek
Editor: Vasilis Skalenakis
Composer: Jirí Hájek
Principal Cast: Tom Brenton, Johanka Racková, Hynek Cermák, Klára Issová, Fabián, Šetlík