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Broken Eyes

Broken Eyes

Broken Eyes

Dir. Dana Conroy
78 min

World Premiere
Director Dana Conroy Attending

When Lasik eye surgery destroys a filmmaker’s vision, she decides to make a movie about it. What starts out as an attempt to hang onto her lifelong passion turns into a harrowing investigation into a multibillion industry and the discovery of an underground network of thousands of patients permanently scarred by Lasik, the so-called “safest elective surgery on the market.” Minnesota filmmaker Dana Conroy’s debut feature is an intimate and explosive documentary that demands to be seen.

Film Details

Program: MN Made
Release Year: 2024
Runtime: 78 min
Country/Region: USA
Language: English
Tags: Documentary, Guest Attending, Health, Journalism, MN Made, Women Directors


Director: Dana Conroy
Executive Producer: Cynthia Mackay
Producer: Kyle Walczak, Mike Scholtz
Cinematographer: Ben Dempcy, Kristofor Gieske
Editor: Kevin Russell, Mike Scholtz, Kristofor Gieske