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Dir. Mahad Ahmed, Vincenzo Cavallo
105 min

US Premiere

Eastleigh Nairobi, Kenya is home to many Somalis who fled the Somali Civil War. When the US embassy opens the green card lottery visa, Assad writes hundreds of stories about imaginary families running away from the war and submits them. When one of the stories is accepted, Kamal, a repatriated Somali-American, helps him to find the right characters for the embassy interviews. The two have sent hundreds of fake families to the US but now their epic scam is about to be discovered. Based on true events, Bufis delivers a humorous and ambitious story about actualizing a dream of a new life.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 105 min
Country/Region: Kenya, Germany
Language: Somali, English, Swahili
Print Source: Rushlake Media GmbH
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Guest Attending, Immigration / Refugee


Director: Mahad Ahmed, Vincenzo Cavallo
Producer: Titus Kreyenberg, Vincenzo Cavallo
Cinematographer: Joan Poggio
Screenwriter: Dr. Faras
Editor: Panos Voutsaras, Louiza Wanjiku
Composer: Gure Sayid Noor, Hodan Mohamed Aden, Abdulaziz Mohamud Hassan
Principal Cast: Ilmi Ahmed, Ali Buul, Zeitun Salat, Gure Sayid, Mohamud Fidle, Shazmin Ali, Hodan Mohamed