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Copa 71

Copa 71

Copa 71

Dir. Rachel Ramsay, James Erskine
91 min

Years before the first Women’s World Cup in 1991 was COPA 71: a hundred thousand people packed into Mexico City’s Azteca Stadium to watch the world’s finest female soccer players compete for the world title, an event lost to history. Until now.

Featuring teams from Denmark, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, France and England, Copa 71 galvanized football fans around the globe… and then it was gone. Long lost to history, executive producers Serena and Venus Williams, with filmmakers Rachel Ramsay and James Erskine, plumb incredible archival footage and conducted interviews with stars of the tournament, as well as current women’s soccer champions, to create one of the most striking and emotional sports documentaries ever made.

“A defining moment in women’s sports history captured in 90 minutes of nostalgia and pure exhilaration.” –Dwight Brown

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 91 min
Country/Region: United Kingdom
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French
Print Source: Greenwich Entertainment
Tags: Documentary, History, Sports, Women, Women Directors


Director: Rachel Ramsay, James Erskine
Executive Producer: Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Oli Harbottle, Alex Morgan, Alex Holmes, Jon Mone
Producer: Victoria Gregory, P.G.A., Jannat Gargi, P.G.A., Anna Godas, P.G.A.
Cinematographer: Angela Neil
Screenwriter: Rachel Ramsay, James Erskine, & Victoria Gregor
Editor: Arturo Calvete, Mark Roberts
Composer: Rob Lord