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Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

Dir. Wang Zichuan
97 min

North American Premiere

Zhu Tong is starting a new school and it’s not going well. His grades are bad, he’s not making friends, he spills soy milk all over himself, and his homework isn’t signed. The hopeful third grader does his best to comply with endlessly confusing rules, but is caught up in an outlandish but relatable comedy of errors. Coming to his rescue, his imagination dreams up giant bird companions, alien robots, and giant fantasy bees to join the boy in his attempts to fit in and stay out of trouble. Zhu Tong learns how to become invisible and how to creatively apologize, but more importantly, the winsome child learns how to cheer himself up when he’s feeling defeated. Channeling his entire focus on making it to an after-school gymnastics competition practice, Zhu Tong is ready to simply show others that he too can shine. Age 10+ –Deb Girdwood

Film Details

Release Year: 2024
Runtime: 97 min
Country/Region: China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Print Source: Emperor Motion Pictures
Tags: Asian Frontiers, Coming-of-Age, Drama, Family Friendly, Fantasy, Science Fiction


Director: Wang Zichuan
Principal Cast: Yue Hao, Li Qinqin, Ma Qianyi, Xu Yixuan, Fang Donghai, Kimi, Zhang Hangcheng, Guo Yiqian, Guo Xiao, Wu Song