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Dir. Ilya Povolotsky
119 min

A father and daughter are in pain. Grieving the loss of her mother and his wife, they travel across Russia in a beat-up old van, screening movies to rural crowds and eking out a living in Ilya Povolotsky’s subtle and moving tale.

Carrying her mother’s ashes with her, she is trying her best to learn about life–her father, quiet, reserved, and as baffled as she is, is of little help. Living as vagabonds on the edge of society, they will try to endure together as best they can in a landscape that is foreign and inhospitable. Inspired by Slavic folk tales, this is a moving story of a young woman and the power of family, however small.

Chosen for the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 119 min
Country/Region: Russian Federation
Language: Russian, Georgian, Balkar
Print Source: Pascale Ramonda
Tags: Adventure, Coming-of-Age, Drama, Road Movie


Director: Ilya Povolotsky
Producer: Ivan Nechaev, Ilya Povolotsky
Cinematographer: Nikolay Zheludovich
Screenwriter: Ilya Povolotsky
Editor: Aleksandr Kletsov, Ilya Povolotsky
Composer: Zurkas Tepla
Principal Cast: Maria Lukyanova, Gela Chitava, Eldar Safikanov, Ksenia Kutepova


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