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High & Low: John Galliano

High & Low: John Galliano

High & Low: John Galliano

Dir. Kevin Macdonald
116 min

In fashion circles, the name John Galliano is fraught with contrasts: one of the highest profile fashion designers, an icon of British culture, and a man whose antisemitic outburst brought it all down.

High & Low: John Galliano is Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald’s gripping examination of one of the most influential people in fashion and cultural history. Following his subject’s career and private life, including his struggles with addiction, Macdonald crafts a fascinating portrait of this extremely complex man.

“[A] a frank portrait of a damaged, evasive man trying to come to terms with what he has done.” –Fionnuala Halligan, Screen International

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 116 min
Country/Region: United Kingdom
Language: English, French
Print Source: MUBI
Tags: Arts, Biography, Documentary, Fashion, LGBTQIA+, Politics


Director: Kevin Macdonald
Executive Producer: Sarah Amos, Agnes Chu, Helen Estabrook, Alice Kaminsk, Nathalie Toulza Madar
Producer: Kevin Macdonald, Chloe Mamelok
Cinematographer: Patrick Blossier, David Harriman, Nelson Hume, Magda Kowalczyk
Editor: Avdhesh Mohla
Composer: Tom Hodge


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