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I Am Sirat

I Am Sirat

I Am Sirat

Dir. Deepa Mehta, Sirat Taneja
87 min

US Premiere

I am Sirat features a transgender woman who is caught between duty and self-determination. As Aman, she lives in New Delhi with her widowed mother as a son, fulfilling responsibilities in the tradition of an Indian male. But for herself, her friends and co-workers at the Ministry of Social Defence in New Delhi, she identifies as Sirat, the woman she has always felt she is.

The film approaches Sirat’s trans experience from multiple angles, whilst opening a window on the contradictions in both her life and contemporary India. Despite her circumstances, Sirat is optimistic in her quest to reclaim herself and tries not to view her life as a tragedy. She is a fighter and amongst other things uses Instagram Reels to manifest the life she wants. All she truly longs for is acceptance as Sirat from her mother who refuses to see her as anyone but Aman. The film is a collaboration between Sirat Taneja and Oscar-nominated director Deepa Mehta. Shot on smartphones, Sirat controls her narrative and makes it accessible to us.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 87 min
Country/Region: Canada, India
Language: Punjabi
Print Source: NHNT Productions Ontario Inc.
Tags: Asian Frontiers, Documentary, LGBTQIA+, Women Directors


Director: Deepa Mehta, Sirat Taneja
Executive Producer: Geeta Sondhi, Dilip Mehta
Producer: David Hamilton
Cinematographer: Deepa Mehta
Editor: Kabir Singh Chowdhry