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Dir. Juan Mejía Botero
81 min

Producer Juan Yepes Attending

In one of Latin America’s most unequal countries, Francia Márquez, a Black Colombian rural activist, challenges the status quo with a presidential campaign that reappropriates the derogatory term “Igualada” — someone who acts as if they deserve rights that supposedly don’t correspond to them — and inspires a nation to dream.

With unprecedented access, director Juan Mejía Botero brings his camera into Márquez’s inner circle, as she runs a rousing campaign speaking truth to power, faces death threats, and lives her life in the eye of the storm.

Film Details

Release Year: 2024
Runtime: 81 min
Country/Region: Colombia, Mexico, USA
Language: Spanish
Print Source: Human Pictures
Tags: Documentary, Guest Attending, Indigenous Voices, Latino / Latin American Cultures, Politics, Women


Director: Juan Mejía Botero
Executive Producer: Marco Williams, Paolo Mendoza, Felipe Estefan, Juan Pablo Ruiz
Producer: Juan E. Yepes, Daniela Alatorre, Sonia Serna, Juan Mejía Botero
Cinematographer: Karen Gomez
Editor: Andrea Chignoli
Composer: Richard Cordoba