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LaRoy, Texas

LaRoy, Texas

LaRoy, Texas

Dir. Shane Atkinson
110 min

Ray is a sad sack whose wife is having an affair. So, he decides to kill himself, but he’s confused for a hitman. OK, he’ll do the job. Soon, bodies pile up, accusations fly, and Ray is in deep trouble.

Ray typically just bumbles through life in small-town LaRoy, co-owner of a hardware store who used to be thankful for his gorgeous wife and easy living. But when his gumshoe pal Skip reveals a torrid affair with the supposedly faithful wife, Ray can’t handle it, so he goes to shoot himself in the head. Too bad a stranger stuffs an envelope full of cash in Ray’s hand thinking our man’s a hired killer. Steve Zahn is brilliant as Ray’s seedy private investigator friend, in this first time feature from Shane Atkinson that evokes the Coens at the height of their powers.

Content advisory: violence

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 110 min
Country/Region: USA, France
Language: English
Print Source: Brainstorm Media
Tags: Best of Fest, Comedy, Crime, Dark Comedy, Thriller


Director: Shane Atkinson
Producer: Caddy Vanasirikul, Sébastien Aubert, Jérémie Guiraud
Cinematographer: Mingjue Hu
Screenwriter: Shane Atkinson
Editor: Sebastian Mialik
Composer: Rim Laurens, Delphine Malaussena, Clément Peiffer
Principal Cast: John Magaro, Steve Zahn, Dylan Baker, Megan Stevenson, Matthew Del Negro, Brad Leland