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Listen Up!

Listen Up!

Listen Up!

Dir. Kaveh Tehrani
86 min

A sparkling dramedy about identity, gender, class and family, centering on the Mahroofs, Pakistani émigrés to East Oslo who don’t quite fit in. Based on the popular novel by Gulraiz Sharif, it’s bold and angry, charming and generous, and always full of love. All that sympathetic 15-year-old Mahmoud wants is a relaxing summer without the hustle and bustle, but then Uncle Ji, who has a problematic relationship with Mahmoud’s mother, comes to visit from Pakistan. Not only does Mahmoud have to do double the shopping runs, but he winds up responsible for guiding his uncle around Oslo. Meanwhile, Mahmood’s younger brother Ali has a secret that will turn all of their lives upside down. The energy and irreverence of Mahmoud and his hilarious point of view about the Norwegian/Pakistani cultural clash make for a fresh and entertaining cinematic experience with a dynamic visual style and lively pace. –Alissa Simon

Awards: Bringer of Joy award, Haugesund

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 86 min
Country/Region: Norway
Language: Norwegian, Urdu
Print Source: Norwegian Film Institute
Tags: Adaptation, Best of Fest, Comedy, Coming-of-Age, Drama, Dramedy, Family, Family Friendly, LGBTQIA+


Director: Kaveh Tehrani
Producer: Ingvil Berger, Yngve Sæther
Cinematographer: Annika Summerson
Screenwriter: Erlend Loe, Nora Landsrød
Editor: Zaklina Stojcevska
Composer: Harpreet Bansal
Principal Cast: Mohammed Ahmed, Lisa Haider, Asim Chaudhry, Manish Sharma, Kriti Thepade